SOS Construction(Web Development)


SOS construction and remodeling is a home construction and remodeling company based on Houston, Texas. They launched about back in 2020 and till now have successfully accomplished over 5000 projects with state of the art technology, proficient teams and have the clear conscience to achieve customer satisfaction. SOS construction and remodeling are currently in active projects with brands Wendy and Amazon.

9+ Total Page

Dynamic+ Design

7 Days+ Work Time

3 Month+After Sale Support

Client approach

Recently SOS construction and remodeling approached us regarding their complication about their website and clientele communication which results in substandard recognition and miscommunications. This issue impacted their reputation and as well as their overall organization.

SEO wheeler solutions

To overcome the complications regarding SOS remodeling and construction’s clientele and website problems we performed thorough investigation and careful research we developed client leads and developed a framework for their new website. After hours of client consultation we developed a new prototype for their new landing page, making it more appealing and user friendly to their clientele and proceeded initiate the final website. With our diligent efforts we were able to develop a user friendly and feature fletched website and overcame the obstacles of SOS remodeling and constructions, improving their client communications and user approach.


After the launch of the new landing page for SOS home remodeling and constructions they have acquired more visitors on their page. Their client communications progressed resulting in more contracts and more customer consultations and receiving their biggest project this year.